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[mood |dorkydorky]
[music |mis]

Kick fucking ass. Lookin for love in all the wrong places, I'm a badass, Tell me I'm a badass.

Last night I got my eyebrow and bellybutton pierced. YAY!! YIPPEE! I'm all paranoid around people now because I haven't forgotten the last "inciddent" where my piercing got ripped out. *shudder*

Yeah, today I was a bit buzzed. It was okay. I think I might start my period soon because I kinda have that "odd" feeling. I've been getting more emotional so I'm guessing that's it. In spanish we made pinata's. Me and heather were the only ones in our group of max,steven,brandon, me, and heather who had anyballs to put our hands in the gooop. lol.

At lunch I got really mad. I was being stupid/funny/bitcy and I was annoying brittany and jimmy. Brittany goes shut up! Do I have to hit you? and I was all like being annoying. I couldn't help it. It was period emotions...grrr. Yeah...so she FUCKING HIT ME IN THE GODDAMN STOMACH. SHE FUCKING KNEW I JUST GOT MY BELLYBUTTON PIERCED!!! omg....it hurt so fucking bad. I had to run to the bathroom and cry since it hurt so much. Mandy was in the bathroom and she gave me a hugg. I was doubled over and My stomach was burning like crazy. I walked her back to biology and hugged her and then I headbutted her. HOW FUCKING STUPID AM I? I headbutted her where my eyebrow pierceing was. ugh...hurt so bad.

I went back to lunch and sat at charlies table. Then I sat with zach murry and dave. Dave is fucking awesome. omg...HAHAHA. He is really funny. His mission in life is to eat at subway, fuck a girl at subway, and sleep. The 3 S's. eating a sub and fucking a girl at the same time at subway. now that's a dream! LOL! I spent most of double 8th period art talking to him. I was kinda outta it since I was semi-drunk. He was entertaining though. Brian piper didn't talk to me really at all. I keep seeing him talking to his ex. hmmm, wonder what's going on there. blah. I don't really care that much. Just wondering.

I finished watching American History X that mandy lent me (which brian lent to mandy). It made me cry! oh my gosh. such a GREAT MOVIE.

Kickass. I might hangout with spencer on monday and tuesday. So happy. We exchanged phone #'s and shit.
Can't wait for the next book club. Mandy come wit?

I gotta go. I'm sneaking on the comp. again. Mom'll be home soon.

love nikki

ps.- gonna get some of teh weed! awesome. acid? narcotics? maybe.. weed fur sure.
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Is a grasshopper a plant? [Jun. 9th, 2004|06:09 pm]
[mood |bouncy]
[music |lime in the coconut]

Today was such a GREAT day! oh my golly gee whiz. okay. This morning it started out all kinda iffy, I was still sorta mad at brittany. Then I saw lindz come in and she gave me THIS HUGE FUCKING EXTRA LARGE PACKAGE OF TWIZZLERS. OMG. OMG!!!!! I WAS SO FUCKING......OMG. I ate the WHOLE FUCKING BAG IN SCHOOL. It was so fucking awesome. I love twizzlers. I don't care about the taste. I just like the chewy. I ate them all day. soo good. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH LINDZ!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!

okay, continuing: We went to go take more pictures for video production since max forgot the disc at his house. We saw lindz in iss. hahaha...loser. j/k. Ms. Bender yelled at us for being in the middle school. whatever. lol. umkay. Alex gave me the middle finger and I was all like Ohh! *raised TWO middle fingers* lol. it twas fun.
We saw brittany and her health class walk to the gym or something. We just stood in the hallway just sorta staring at each other. Then she came over and hugged me. Then she messed up my hair. lol. It made me happy because I know we're not at each others throats or something.

American cultures and biology finals were pretty easy. sorta. At lunch max was taking pictures of everybody. Fun fun fun. I talked to brian piper alot today. It was okay. He's okay. This guy...um david I think. lol. He kept stealing (TRYING to at least) my twizzlers. hahaha. At lunch we were sorta playing with pennies. Oh the funness.

Umkay. Mandy and I stayed after school for book club with spencer kirsten and ...( i forgot his name )alexis's brother. I HAD THE GREATEST TIME EVER! OMG! They are so hillarious. I wish so much that I brought a quote book or something. Like...the forest negros, and the black lesbian jews. There's tons more. Kirsten gave me bagels. I had the GREATEST time ever. Mom drove mandy home and I'm just sittin at the comp. writing this.

Oh yeah! I'm gonna get my bellybutton pierced tonight and maybe my eyebrow. Eyebrow hopefully, belly totally.
love, nikki

ps.- I screamed brittany's a hoe out in the parking lot when her and jimmy were walking. She looked all around looking for the person who said it. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It was so hilliarious. I think she mighta caught a gilmpse of me thought. I don't know. lol

ps.2- I'm probably gonna get high the last 2 days of school. kickass. Then hang out with friends and shit.

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lime in the coconut [Jun. 8th, 2004|10:13 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |ending song to resevoir dogs.- lime and the coconut.]

I went over steven's house and had a great time. I got alittle drunk and sneaked on aim when i got home. Paul im'ed me and I was really happy/buzzed. I COULD NOT SPELL WORTH SHIT. omg...lol. It was horrible! You could barely understand any of it. Mandy thought it was so hillarious. I started to talk to brittany and we got into a big fight (i guess). whatever. I'll always be here for her even though she doesnt give a shit.

I was drunk and I started punching the door, refrigerator, and wall. I left a fucking fist sized hole in my fucking wall in my room upstairs. My knuckles are bruised and my right one started to bleed. That's what I get for getting drunk I guess.

I called mandy earlier and she called me back. omg. We talked forever. I was so happy. She's seriously awesome when you get to know her.

Hannah just im'ed me. lol. She's all like "sooo, I heard that you and brian are talking again." lol. I could so just see this huge grin on hannah's face. lol.

love nikki

ps.- I was really happy talking to paul today. I've missed his depressed humor. lol. I actually have a STRAIGHT guy I can talk to about anime and video games. lol.
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Porn lives on. [Jun. 8th, 2004|03:34 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |I love my mommy cause she fucked the living shit outta my da]

Today was fun I guess. I did well on my spanish and video production finals. Sheesh. Mr.Spangler fucking made up a final THAT MORNING. LOL. It was easy. The schedule was this: Double 2,3,double 6,4,7,and 8 periods. My lunch was after sixth (which was actually first lunch. I go to second lunch but final schedules are fucked up). I went to first lunch and i'm like...hmmm. I don't feel like going to english (4th period.) Me,heather,steven, and zach went to second lunch. MS.White sent 2 people out looking for me and steven. Then she took the whole entire class out looking for us. THEN she called the office and made ms.miller go out looking for us. We went back to english and Ms. white was going all psycho on us. veins popped out on her head, eyes bulging, and her face turned purple. HAHAHAHAHA!!! She was so fucking mad. I've never seen ms.white THAT mad.

So yeah. Nothing much. I hitched a ride home with brian piper today. He was talking to his little slutty ex-girlfriend before we hopped in the car. oopps did I just say that? he he he. whatever. So it was okay. Nothing special happened. Mom mike andrew and sarah aren't home right now. They're at the park or something. I might call steven and hangout for a while. I don't know. Bored.

I'm mad because mike didn't go to work today and he won't bring the shit home to pierce my eyebrow and bellybutton until tommorrow. grrr...

Bryce is mad at me because I stole his pizza and pudding today. hahaha....loser.

I guess brittany was right when she said she didn't care about me anymore. I just really hate it when none of my friends or people I care about ,just don't care about me. How is that a friendship when only one person cares. Oh well. I'll be the only one to suffer like usual. whatever.

I'm thinking maybe I should call this guy that I really like tonight. I don't know If I'll have the guts to do it though. I'm probably gonna waste most of my time playing The Sims on my ps2.

love nikki

ps.-I'm not even supposed to be on the comp. right now. lol. If anything happens or whatever I'll probably update later. I have nothing better to do.

ps2- Lindz still owes me candy. lol. love ya hun.
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Bahhh!!! [Jun. 7th, 2004|09:53 pm]
[mood |bouncy]
[music |disturbed]

whoo hoo! Oh the sneakyness!!! lol. I'm sneaking onto the comp since the parent's aren't home. BWAH HA HA HA. I found my mom's password. go me. lol.

Earlier I took a walk with steven. It was fun. We just chilled down by the football field and played on the pipes. Fun fun fun.

Tommorrow (MAYBE/HOPEFULLY) I can get my eyebrow and bellybutton pierced!! YAYYY!!!
So happy. Kickass happy!!!

yippeee! I'm all happy. I got this thing lifted off my shoulders today and I have NO REGRETS. It's awesome. I hate living life with regret. I live for that happy moment. that pure happy moment where your just feeling special. I don't care how much pain i have to go through just to experience happiness.

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bang bang bang [Jun. 7th, 2004|05:08 pm]
[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |kingdom hearts - simple and clean]

damn damn damn finals week. fuck finals. grrrr....

For my algebra final I fucking FORGOT my calculator!!! Outta all the days! I even put it on the table next to the FOOD!!!!! So I wouldn't forget it. grrr....
THE HEALTH FINAL (with ms.lee) WAS 10 FUCKING PAGES FRONT AND BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG! sucks. sucks really really fucking bad. If I don't do well on my finals I'm grounded for the summer. grrrr.

I think brian piper went home before i could talk to him today.

I did something today. I'm not sharing with the world, but just letting it known that I have no regrets anymore. I don't care what happens next. I'll just know that I did what I could.

omg! I talked to paul last night for the first night in 3 weeks. It was awesome. I've missed his depressive humor. lol

shit. mom says I gotta get off. I'll update the rest later or something.

love, nikki
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Aquafina- the drink for drunk fucks. [Jun. 5th, 2004|08:13 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |the goddamn rugrat's theme song "all grown up" . grrr...]

rain rain rain...lots of rain.

Andrew started crying at 8 this morning. Every morning. Every day. There's this bird that flies into the side of our house. It wakes andrew up and scares him. I'm the one who has to get him and make him stop crying. All mike did was come upstair and yell at him to shut up. I brought andrew downstairs and mom got home from work. I ended up watching andrew and sarah from 8:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. I made bacon. go me.

Then I took a shower and we went to walmart. Mom was in a good mood and she got me a ps2 game (20$) and a magazine. Mother can be good sometimes. She bought pizza and breadsticks.

Now I'm just watching sarah and andrew again from 6 to probably 9. Nothing to do. Mandy want's to know If I can hang out with her and max want's to know too for tommorrow. I don't know. blah blah blah.

I hope samma's having fun at the beach.

Is paul even alive still?

I wonder if brian piper's gonna come up and talk to me at all.

I wonder if britt passed her drivers test.

I wonder so much.

Curiosity kill the heart. (Believe me, I know)

My uneventful day.

gotta go. my comp. time is up.

love, nikki

ps.- (to lindz) I'm counting on that candy. Yeah. I better get it. Don't promise if you can't deliver. *wink* love ya. *cough cough* colon sucker *cough cough*

ps.2- Don't sweat it mandy. lol. If everything that came outta my vagina was alchol, I'd be one rich mother fucker. And I'd never ever pass a drug test. lol. love ya sub/dom. mix breed. hahaha.

2 days- no smoking. yippee.
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Is it the moosh or the cheese? [Jun. 4th, 2004|06:59 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |kids next door (cartoon network kickass show)]

(To mandy) " ROAR!!!!" lol. Love ya dom!

Today was good/boring. This morning I saw lindsey before she went to her dentisty/toothy appointment. I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. I think she grew a shit load taller. hmmm. love ya lindz.

Second period me graham and max had to go take more pictures since our pics got erased. We tried to take some of ms.flinchbaugh and she saw us and STORMED out of the library looking for us. omg...it was so hillarious. Having ms.flinchbaugh wadling down the hall all furious. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I talked to jimmy alot today. I think he's pretty nice. He might be rude sometimes but you just don't take it seriously. He was probably just hanging out with me since he had nobody else to hang with. oh well. It was still nice. Brittney wasn't here today. Jimmy said she was taking her drivers test. I hope she passed. Go Brittney. lol. It was boring without her there at school. For some reason when Jimmy and Brittney scream obscenities together, alls right with the world. hahaha.

This morning I took samma by the hand and led her into the bathroom. I told her not to say a word and I took a cig out of my pocket. I showed it to her and her eyes got wide. I broke it in half and threw it into the garbage. Then I gave her a flower and a kiss on the cheek. Yeah, I know it's corny but People say that for some reason I can pull corny stuff off really good. lol. Yeah, so yesterday was my last ciggarette. go me.

I talked to zach (amy's b/f) today. He's cool. I'm really glad amy found someone to make her really really happy. Go amy. Go zach. Hurray!

hmm...anything else happen today?....oh yeah. I talked to brian piper today. It wasn't a long conversation or anything. It was okay. Would've been better if he talked to me instead of me having to initate the conversation but hey, what can a girl do?

I might go on a walk with steven later tonight. It will be good. I hope I can do stuff with people this weekend. Steven wants to hang, mandy wants to hang, max wants to hang, and I don't know if jimmy's invite to go play tag is still open.( I don't know if they went or not). Although, mom works tonight and tommorrow night. grrr... Maybe she'll be nice and let me go. She's been sorta nice recently.

shit. Child is crying. gotta go.

love, nikki

ps.- ROARRRRRRR!!!!!! *purrr* (to mandy) *elbow with big ass grin*

ps.2- How do people see me? I've heard I can be indimating or flirty or funny or corny or fucked up or mean or hillarious or etc, etc, etc. If you have any comments or interesting comments/memories please share with me. I like to try and improve. Thanks.
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Animals in the barn [Jun. 3rd, 2004|08:21 pm]
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |none]

doodee la do poo poo la tra la la boom bumm bumm...
yup today...
i felt like the biggest piece of the shit in the whole entire world. I broke samma's heart. I seriously just feel horrible. She wrote me this heart wrenching note today... It just killed me. I got mad/sad reading the note at lunch today so I slammed my chair into the table and left lunch. I walked around abit and I saw troy. We talked until ms.lee found us and made us go see mr.czap. grr. I was late to biology. OH THE TRAGEDY!! *dies* lol.

Brittney waiting at my locker and she could tell I was upset I think. Its pretty easy to tell when I'm upset. She asked what was wrong and shit like that. Then she sorta bumped heads with me. I guess that's how she tells she cares. I don't know. I don't believe she cares a fucking bit about me. *shrug* If someone doesn't care about me it hurts. It'll always hurt.

Brian Piper has not said a word to me. He hasen't even tried to iniate a conversation with me. He's in my art class 8th period and I don't think he even fucking looked at me. I think he might have glanced at me but that's probably my imagination. whatever...I might try and talk to him tommorow. I MIGHT.

gotta go.

love nikki
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The Greatest and Worst day ever. [Jun. 2nd, 2004|06:11 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |linkin park- crawling]

Okay! I'm so fucking happy right now! It's so amazing. I had THE GREATEST FUCKING TIME EVER! My day at school SUCKED but after school was so fucking GREAT. OMG. okay, here's what happened:

Well...in the morning I was so trashed/wasted. It was interesting. It's always interesting while your trashed at school. You know who your real friends are because they make sure that you don't fuck up. lol. My friends are AMAZING. I LOVE THEM SO DAMN MUCH!!!

Okay...in 2nd period through about till 6th period, I was so fucking mad. I was so grrr. I mean really REALLY REALLY mad. I had to leave every class period to go into the bathroom and cry. I cried in am.cultures period also. Right in my fucking seat. yeah. I was mad because of a note I read. Just actually knowing that that person doesn't care, hurts. So yeah, I was so furious. Anger+drunk= not good. Yeah, I was okay by...about 6th period/lunch. I had enough alchol to completely just numb over I think. I don't know. I think I was just exhausted so I didn't have enough energy left to be angry. It's all good.

Okay, my happy part of the day!!! We were all gonna go to open library (me,dashonda,amy,amanda,and max) but it was closed. So we all went to amaco, we smoked (not max) (good boy lol). We were just fooling/messing around. Just the normal friends stuff which I've missed so much. It's the greatest feeling in the world just to be with the people you actually love. Not a relationship love, just a mutual love. omg, it's the greatest thing in THE WORLD. Then we went back to the school and hung out in the parking lot.Bryce came along and hung out with us. Fun fun fun. I tried to ride his bike but...uhhh...I don't exactly know how to ride a bike. lol...seriously. I have the GIST of it. I'm just...wobboly. hahaha. Amy went home and we said hi to amy's pappa. He's really awesome. I love amy's family. She's got such a great family. I love amy. Amy's my first girl kiss! lol. Alittle later (about 5:30) max's dad pick me and him up. I HAD THE GREATEST TIME EVER.

love nikki


ps.2-brian piper wasn't here today. I haven't talked to him in almost a week.

ps.3- I haven't talked to paul in a long time. I miss him.

love (again), nikki
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